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Middle Reads from Another World
by Suzanne Harrison-Thomas

Kids are naturally curious problem-solvers. They have an innate sense of justice. Friendships can be powerful, and growing up isn’t always easy. Reality can be confusing enough to navigate, but in these modern middle-grade fantasies full of adventure and intrigue, mistaken identities and parallel universes, our characters show us just what they’re made of as they deal with their own other-worldly circumstances. 

We’re Not From Here
by Geoff Rodkey

In this sci-fic fantasy, humans are the outsiders. After years of mistreating the planet Earth, the human race is in search of safe harbor somewhere else in the galaxy. Planet Choom has agreed to take in the refugees, but after the 20-year journey to Choom the government has changed hands and the beings now in charge aren’t too thrilled about welcoming humans to their planet. Human earthling, Lan, and her family are part of a test case to see how well humans can assimilate. Not all of the beings on Choom are ready to accept their new community members. It’s up to Lan and her family to prove that they can all live together peacefully, and that humans aren’t so bad after all.

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe
by Carlos Hernandez

Doesn’t everyone wish they had a superpower? Just think how helpful it could be with homework (didn’t do it? Poof! Now I did.) Bullies? Watch me turn invisible! Sal’s special ability is kind of like a superpower — he can access parallel dimensions, which can come in handy with homework and bullies. But how about using it to deal with your feelings of missing someone you love very much? Imagine just reaching into those universes and bringing that person back to you. The catch is they don’t stay very long, and while it may help ease the hurt for a little while, you can’t really bring someone back. A best friend can be really helpful when dealing with everything, and Gabi is just that for Sal. And wouldn’t you use your special powers to help out a really great friend?

The Collectors
by Jacqueline West

Ever throw a penny into a fountain and make a wish? Did it come true? What do you think would happen if someone — or something — was taking those pennies out? What happens to all of those wishes? One day Van sees an unusual girl doing just that. Stealing wishes from a fountain. Full of curiosity, he follows her. She leads him to an underground world of wish collectors, who have vowed to protect humanity from the unintended consequences of the world’s wishes. Turns out our wishes are very powerful things, indeed. But are these protectors the good guys, or the bad ones?

Greystone Secrets book 1: The Strangers
by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Another school year, another early morning. Everything seems normal when the Greystone siblings, Chess, Emma and Finn, overhear a news story on TV. Three children have been kidnapped in Arizona. Three siblings with the same names as them. Three siblings with the same birthdays. Same middle names, too. Their mom has always been a bit overprotective, but now things are getting really strange. A sudden business trip? That’s unusual. And she leaves Chess, Emma and Finn with someone who is a complete stranger to them? That’s extremely unusual. Slowly the siblings work together, and everything they have ever known to be true about their family comes completely into question. Who is their mom? Where has she gone? Are they who they think they are? Life as they know it is about to turn inside out and upside down.

by Kenneth Oppel

In a great picture book or comic, great illustrations are often described as “jumping off the page.” Well, what if that really happened? For Ethan, it actually did. As the child of a famous graphic novelist, you would think Ethan would also be a terrific artist. Not the case. Now, one of his dad’s drawings has disappeared. But it wasn’t erased, or thrown away by mistake. The ink has literally wandered off, in the form of a being we come to know as Inkling. Soon he begins leaving messages for Ethan. Then Inkling suddenly goes missing. Where do you even begin to look for a lost splotch of ink?

What’s Happening at the Library
The Milford Public Library also finds itself in some unusual, but very exciting circumstances. The Children’s Department is undergoing a major renovation so we can bring improved spaces and services to our community. Beginning on October 1, the Children’s Department will be housed in a temporary space in the library’s program room with a limited collection. Much like the characters in these books, we are so grateful to have the cooperation of our library friends. We will be open for business as usual at the Milford Public Library, but remember you can use your hometown library card at any public library in Connecticut. Just make sure you have your up-to-date library card with you. Please check out our Facebook page and for updates on programming and the renovation progress.

Suzanne Harrison-Thomas is the Children’s Librarian at Milford Public Library.


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